Welcome to

The Bleeding Heart

A cozy cafe and bar with a few interesting ideas


Looking for a place to wind-down after a long day of adventuring? Just want a warm meal and good drink? The Bleeding Heart Cafe provides a relaxing, humble atmosphere with a wide variety of dishes and drinks alike. Come and stay awhile, and make some friends while you’re here!

The Bleeding Heart is an public venue for casual RP and conversation! Visit during our open hours and enjoy an immersive experience, whether it be unwinding down by the bar or enjoying a romantic dinner date night under the stars. Not here for food or drink? There are many new and interesting faces to meet. Perhaps you'll find a new friend, a new enemy - or both? All that and more can be found within our humble walls. Including ghosts. All occurrences on cafe grounds are completely natural and are no source for worry.

Please be aware, all payment and exchanges are purely ic, and we require no actual gil to come rp at our establishment.


Every other Saturday, from 5pm - 9pm EST
Next open - March 13th.

Located on Mateus, in the Lavender Beds. (Ward 9, Plot 48)

Our wonderful


A few of our family who keep the heart going.

Seraphene Anbolho

Head of Security

Large in stature and personality, Seraphene ensures that the Bleeding Heart remains a safe place. When she's not busy making sure things don't get too rowdy, she can often be seen enjoying a drink and a story with patrons.

Lily Montessori

Head Bartender

As sweet and social as can be, Lily is proudly in charge of the bar, spending her evenings there serving customers. She's got an eye for mixing drinks, and if you ask nicely and ply her with a few compliments, she might put something together on the spot just for you!

Anagallis Helian

Head Chef

Greeting cafe-goers with a bright smile and enticing scents, Ana handles most of the cooking behind the counter. Having been taught the craft since she was a child, she’s mastered many a meal in her days - from Near Eastern curries to Steamed Pork dumplings! Care to try some?

Weeping Meadow


Better known as a matriarch than a manager, Weeping is as motherly as she is mysterious. While she prefers to handle the administrative side of things in the back, it's not unheard of for her to be seen drifting about, checking in on people. Should you catch her eye and get the chance for conversation, you'll find no better partner.

The perfect space for your


A home away from home


Like our little cafe? Want to use our space for your own events? We'd love to help out! Whether you'd like to arrange staffed or unstaffed events, we'd be interested in working with you to figure something out.

If interested, please contact one of our moderators on discord at dunes#5210, Ginger#9330, Elsewhere#1515, or Mahpiya#7772